Merida race lite 900 as a first bike

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Hi I'm new to the forum, I was looking into buying my first road bike and was thinking of the merida race lite 900. What do you think of this bike? Is it a good starting point or are there better bikes available for around the £600 mark. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.


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    Welcome to the forum, I suggest you read this thread.
  • Thanks for that still getting to grips with the forum!
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    I've only been on road bikes for 2 months having come from a Cannondale mtb.
    My LBS stocks Bianchi, Trek and Merida. I was sorely tempted to buy a Bianchi (who wouldn't), but the LBS was telling me that for what I wanted (fitness and odd sportive and fit) the Medida Ride lite 93 tiagra was a great buy.....I rode it back to back with a Bianchi (sora), same money.
    I know it's a bit more than you want (93 was 850) but I bought the Merida, no regrets at all - 1k miles later it does all I want it to do, it fits me well, with a frame (that the pro's told me) was good enough to upgrade later.
    It's a minefield buying a first bike, a hell of allot of brand snobbery, my local L. Lakes only wanted to talk Cannondale nothing else...why?
    Whatever you buy you'll enjoy....