Weekly mileage from beginners

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I understand people will have different views and as a new rider i'm sure my riding will improve with time but i'm curious as to how many miles people are riding on a weekly basis. Mine seem to vary considerably but I set myself a target of 100 miles per week initially. I have regular circuits of 11, 19.5 and 33 miles that I do and I hope to add a 40 in at some point soon but how do others fair?
I feel like rest days are as important as my training days. Although I am keen to get out I feel the benefit of not riding some days, is this correct?


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    100 miles a week is a great target at the beginning. They say about 10% increase in total mileage per week, and yes, rest days are just as important.

    More relevant is that once you start to get above 30-40 miles in a single ride, you'll need to plan food and drink more carefully. Lots of threads about this already on the forum - have a root around, most questions should be answered.
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    Why not just do a double loop of your 19.5 for your 40 miler (almost).
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    diamonddog wrote:
    Why not just do a double loop of your 19.5 for your 40 miler (almost).

    I did consider that the other day and think that is my plan for Friday afternoon with a tag on the end to tip me into the 40. That is more for my own satisfaction than anything.
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    cycle 20miles away from home then you have no option but to complete your 40.
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    Try riding every day and see how your body responds.. don't go out and attack every ride though, go harder on the 20 mile rides and easy on the 11 mile rides.

    Monday 11 miles
    Tuesday 20 miles
    Wednesday 11 miles
    Thursday 20 miles
    Friday 11 miles
    Saturday 11 miles or day off
    Sunday 40 miles

    That's 113 miles including a day off on Saturday.

    See how your body responds, you might need to dial it back a bit and thrown in another off day if your body needs to adapt to riding every day.
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    cycle 20miles away from home then you have no option but to complete your 40.

    This is the thing that keeps me going for long distances, that I have little choice. If I was to do laps that went past home I'm sure I'd give up :)
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    100 miles a week is a good target.I,ve been riding 11months now and average about 100 mile a week and ride 3x a week.This seems perfectly adequate for me and fits in the rest of my life.
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    diamonddog wrote:
    What's that :lol:
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    When I got the bike I was doing 8 mile rides at lunchtimes at work and then going out longer at the weekends, job & family interrupting things though.
    Just moving up to 12+ mile rides at lunchtimes (45 min) and 20+ at weekends as my fitness slowly improves.

    As others said 100 is a nice round figure to aim for (14 miles a day), do more bonus do less not the end of the world. The Ride out into nowhere is good as you find new places and temptation of that will do does not creep in if you are to close to home.
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    Put yourself on the Commuter Stats board to give yourself an element of competition and to compare yourself with others. Don't take it seriously though.

    The WTD column is Week To Date, which is what you're after.

    Link below...