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warranty advise needed

jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
edited August 2013 in The hub
I have an audio amplifier that has got a fault.

The warranty runs out on the 10th of August but the fault occurred on the 31st July and I informed the manufacturer on that date.

Due to slow email responses. I still haven't sent the amplifier to their service centre hopefully the courier will arrive tomorrow.

My question is, if the amplifier reaches them after the 10th of August am I still covered by the warranty because the fault happened within the warranty time scale or do I have to make sure the item is with the manufacturers possession before the warranty time scale is over?

I know according to SOGA my contract is with the shop but the manufacturer is local to me and are happy dealing with me direct. So I thought it would be easier and quicker but their service centre is miles away so turns out I should have just gone back to the shop but the ball is rolling now so just continued on this line.


  • estampidaestampida Posts: 1,008
    you have a receipt - time stamp of purchase

    you have warranty claim - time stamp of fault

    is this time within the stated warranty?

    if it goes t*ts up

    check online in case they all have this fault, then it is a design fault and there are other avenues of re-course
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    yes have receipts etc .. the fault happened with in the warranty period and the manufacturer was made aware of the fault with in the warranty period

    but it is looking unlikely the item will be with the manufacturer within the warranty period.

    Just checking if am I still covered for parts and labour under the warranty conditions?
  • TCR4x4TCR4x4 Posts: 38
    You informed them before the expiration date, so yes you will be covered. If they try it on, get down to your local CAB and they'll tell you where to go next.
  • jairajjairaj Posts: 3,009
    OK thanks for the help guys.
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