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FELT F95 - Green

joanna121joanna121 Posts: 4
edited August 2013 in Road stolen
On Tuesday my beautiful ‘monster’ green felt f95 was stolen (amongst other things) from inside my flat. Two days previous to it being pinched I had completed the ride 100 London on it :( .

This bike meant a great deal to me so would love to get it back.

Its in great new order- slightly dirty white handle bars with white spd pedals. The bike also had two white drinks bottle holders (and also at the time of nicking two bottles in it!). The seat is white (picture has gel seat on!). My rider number from the race was also stuck to the front right of the frame.

Frame no- s2jt24055 Registered on bike register. Etching: 0186923043

I’d love to see this bike back again so if anyone by any chance has seen anything please let me know.
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