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Chain rubbing against front deralier in the extremes, any way to stop/adjust this on sram? Will the sram red yaw deralier work with my sram force gruppo and red shifters?


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    If you have a large-ranged compact, then it's hard to get it to not rub in big ring/bottom cog. On mine it makes a hell of a din in 54/30.

    I'm sure it is possible to fix, but i don't find it worth my time considering i can just jump down to granny ring and it goes away.
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    Using the gears in the extreme ratios is not good for the chain as its under too much angular tension, go through the gears till you find an equivalent ratio that is better for the chain and your bank balance :D
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    Your indexing is out. SRAM is designed to be able to cross chain without rubbing on the front derailleur whether it be big crank to big sprocket or small crank to small sprocket. Cross chaining does put strain on the chain, but the SRAM design is for those times when it is just a short climb and easier than changing gears on the front and back.
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    Cheers for the advice :D