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I was driving in north Cardiff about 7:30 Tuesday evening and stopped at a zebra crossing to let a bloke cross. From the opposite direction to me, a chain of 10 to 20 cyclists approached and continued straight over the zebra crossing forcing the bloke to wait for them to pass. When thay had gone the bloke started to cross stopped by my car and said "feekin cyclists. They think they own the roads". I had to agree.

Some of them had similar yellow and black jerseys. Anyone now of a club with yellow and black jerseys? There were no JIF, Ajax or Paragon jerseys in the bunch.


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    Not good, sometimes I see other cyclists and can't believe the things they do, the problem is, we all then get viewed the same way.

    We (a bunch of 4 of us) where doing the Manchester to Blackpool ride recently, and right near the end, on the front a pedestrian stepped onto a zebra crossing ahead. We all stopped to let them cross (not that it helped us as we were cruising at 20mph and only had 3 miles left) and we received alt of verbal abuse from the riders behind us.

    I ride on the basis of observing the same rules I do when I drive, I wish more would sometimes.
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    I always stop at crossings but sometimes there are stealth pedestrians out there who make it difficult! they walk along and before coming to the crossing dont even look behind them or make any movement which lets you know they are about to cross and then just step onto the crossing at the last minute!
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    Only yellow and black I can think of around there is Ogmore but there's so many new clubs being formed both formal and informal who knows?

    There's a group I see regularly between Abergavenny and Pontypool in matching kit that is no formal club I know of. Only about 5 or 6 of them but the standard of riding is shocking, all over the width of he road and massive gaps between wheels make it far harder to safely overtake than it should be. I moved onto a different road one day when I came across them on my bike as I didn't want to be associated with them.
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    It is a personal gripe with me, that some - and it is a minority - appear to demand respect from other road users yet will not demonstrate the same level of respect themselves. I'm sure that many of us share this gripe.

    ... Hypocrites.