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Login problems..

AlitogataAlitogata Posts: 148
I usually have problem while I'm login in the site.
When I press the login button a popup window asks me if I want to be redirected to the American version of the site but this doesn't happen all the time. I say no then when I fill the username and password sometimes I login in the forum sometimes I login in the site. And while I'm loged in then suddenly I'm loged out, even while I'm writing a post and there were a few times that I've lost what I was writing because when I pressed submit I was suddenly and with no reason again, loged out. :roll:

Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to login where I want to login, in the forum for example and not be redirected either in the site or in the american version of the site.. ( and why I'm asked for this?? My ip is a European ip and the international forum is the UK one)..

Thanks in advance for any help.. :)


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