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I've got a Trek 1.2 (2010) compact road bike and do around 8-10 miles daily for the past 2-3 years.

Is it advisable getting the following wheels (are they decent?): ... himwhfr202

I was told by a free bike clinic that the rear wheel is going to need replacing soon.

Thanks in advance.


  • smidsy
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    At that price they are disposable so what ever you get out of them you have done OK.

    At your mileage pretty much anything round would suffice :-)
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  • will3
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    Hello. I have these on my winter commuter bike. So far so good and I'm a fatso.
  • blu3cat
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    I put one of these on my commuter to replace the RS10 that kept popping spokes (potholed commute and fat lad), whilst slightly heavier, they seemed to be more robust and lasted.

    Agree with Smidsy about being disposable.
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  • Htron
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    I also have these on my winter bike. Heavy but reliable. I have smashed them on many a pothole and they are still true after 2000 miles, mostly in the rain.
  • Thanks everyone.

    The wheels which come by default on the Trek 1.2 (2010) - are they considered to be as good as these ones? I think its called Bontrager.... or something along those lines (tells you how much i look at them!).

    I don't need high end expensive ones as I just use my bike for fitness and would like to replace them before they end up smashing for real :D

  • majormantra
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    Personally I'd take a cheap Shimano wheel over a cheap Bonty any day. One thing worth noting is that Shimanos (and possibly your current wheels as well) have cup and cone hubs that ought to be serviced from time to time, although in reality many people find the hub lasts as long as the rim even if they neglect it.