Keeping Kids Safe While Cycling

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Hello all!

I have recently taken up cycling and I'd like to encourage my kids to do the same. However, I'm not really sure where to start. I read this blog to give me some idea of what checks i need to which was really helpful: ... our-family

But would really appreciate any help or advice :)



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    One post, safety trolling.
    Do you work for Winn Solicitors Hannah?
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    FWIW, I'm keeping my kids safe BY cycling. I'm instilling in them an active lifestyle, so hopefully they'll avoid diabetes, heart disease and cancers.
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  • What a pointless article that is, the FACT that 10% of deaths could have been saved with a helmet made me smile.

    I think I'll just invest in a large bag of cotton wool when my lad starts going out on his own.

    BTW my son's only 1 so he doesn't complain about wearing a helmet and even has a big cheesy grin on his face when he sees me getting them from the garage because he knows we're heading out for a ride. But if in the future it's a choice between him staying in or going out without a helmet then I'll accept the later even if I do nag him about it since myself and the wife always wear ours.
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    Personally, this is what I make my boys wear when they cycle to keep them safe:


    They don't seem very keen to go for a ride though...


  • OK, let me spell out what my post was saying:

    If you put too many rules and (e.g. safety) requirements around getting you kids to ride a bike, they are less likely to want to ride a bike. Since there is plenty of evidence that riding a bike improves life expectancy, i.e. the health benefits significantly outweigh the safety risks, this would be a bad thing (as mentioned by baudman, above).

    Happy now? I was trying to make the point without getting all serious and preachy about it but I forgot that, on internet fora, there are a few people who are only capable of reading the individual words rather than reading between the lines...

  • Has a post been deleted or do you also shout at pigeons when in the park? :)

    (FAOD, the pigeon bit was a joke.)
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  • Has a post been deleted or do you also shout at pigeons when in the park? :)

    (FAOD, the pigeon bit was a joke.)

    It was the voices that made me do it!


    Yes, there was a post which (paraphrasing) accused my post of not adding anything of value to this thread in particular, nor to the forum in general. Should have quoted the post...