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Hi Guys,

I'm fairly new into the road cycling game - Having only really purcahsed through the Cycle to work scheme. After previously owning a Norco Valence, i went and bought a Moda Intro, so try and progress my riding.

Now i know that not all bikes are the same, but the Moda feels alot smaller than the Norco; For example, the top tube is a lot lower than what i had on my old Old bike (That was a 56cm Frame, this frame is quoted as being Medium/Large)

Aside from raising the seatpost (Apologies my knowledge is incredibly limited) Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to make my ride a little easier? Currently i feel that my legs are 'too bent' whilst cycling.



  • diamonddog
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    Look on Internet for saddle height guide and adjust accordingly. It sounds as if the Moda is a compact or semi-compact frame so the seat post will look to be very long, there is usually a maximum height mark on the seat post so do not go beyond this guide.
  • Thanks very much for the advice - Fingers crossed this works - If not, is there anything else i could try, i.e. raising the handlebars?
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    If you wish to and you have spacers above the stem then yes. Your stem often has a bit of an angle to it - so flipping it over can often raise or lower the bars.
  • diamonddog
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    Raising the bars will not help with your legs feeling too bent.