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New MTB Rider South Yorks

jb1981jb1981 Posts: 8
edited August 2013 in MTB beginners
Hello all,

Thought I would finally take the plunge and join a forum with other like minded folk. I've recently got into propper mountain bike riding over the past few months, the last time I rode one i was accompanied by a newspaper bag!

I took the plunge and invested a small amount of my hard earned cash in a boardman comp HT as a well spec'd entry level bike and so far other than a few build issues (which have all been fixed by halfrauds under warranty) I'm loving it. It hasnt taken me long to start ripping bits off it and replacing them with better quality goodies

so far upgraded to

Continental Mountain King 2.2's
Renthal Fatbar 780mm 10mm rise 7 deg sweep
Renthal stem (not fitted yet)

and ordered to be delivered this week

Front and rear Hope/Mavic Rims
4 bolt 180mm front rotor
4 bolt 160mm Rear rotor

Next up will be Fox forks then drive train and brake upgrade

I'm a regular at Sherwood Pines and also venture to Dalby now and then and whilst visiting family this weekend found another hidden gem in Bedgebury forest in Kent. I live near Doncaster and I'm fairly new to the area so may find me tagging on to a few rides now and then to get to know a few people.






  • Boardman looks good, but why are you wanting to change to Fox forks? What is wrong with the epicons?
  • jb1981jb1981 Posts: 8
    the Epicon forks are great but servicability and adjustability is what i want really, reading reviews Fox offer a wider range of adjustment. all in all i love the Epicon' but i will break them!
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