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Moda Arco 2013

HarpagonHarpagon Posts: 8
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I have just taken up track cycling and am really enjoying it. My LBS have offered me a 2013 Moda Arco at a very discounted rate (which is good of them :D ). Just wondering what any one thought of this bike as can't find any reviews of it. Also other bike options around the £850 mark?



  • poppitpoppit Posts: 926
    Think it was an Arco I was looking at in Mercian a couple of weeks ago, looked good in the flesh, will be one I'll be considering when we get our velodrome built.
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  • What did you say the name of your LBS was?
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  • Omar LittleOmar Little Posts: 2,010
    I have a 2012 Forte which is the model below, i like it, geometry is spot on and has great wheels for the price. At £850 i'd say the Forte is good value for money, for the Arco then it is a no brainer.

    A clubmate has the Arco but it is old version which is carbon i think the newer ones are aluminium.
  • Picked up my new arco today from Kinetic cycles in welwyn garden city! Had a quick pedal on it an it seems like a great bike but I have my first track session on it tomorrow morning so will report back with a better review! Can't wait to give it the beans as it really encourages you to pedal hard!
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