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Hook of Holland to amsterdam 08/08/13 need help with routes!

L07418122L07418122 Posts: 4
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Hi guys,

This is my first trip abroad ever on a cycle and this Thursday myself and a friend are cycling to Amsterdam from the Hook of Holland. Haven't a clue really of how were going to get there so has anyone done the route recently that can give me any advice or some good tips?

Also how long does this take as the ferry docks @ 4.45pm so are we cutting it for time?




  • binkabinka Posts: 12
    Not done it myself but I'm keen to.

    Nice blog/post here with some route details.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    Amsterdam is approx 60 miles from Hook if you follow the cycle ways. I've done it twice and we caught the overnight ferry, getting into Hook at 0630.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • cescocesco Posts: 252
    Time-wise it depends on how fast you ride. That was my that-guy comment, but in all seriousness; I'm guessing it's around 80-100km, or in imperial measures 50-70 miles.

    I would suggest following the coast as long as possible. At least till The Hague / Scheveningen, as I know that part of the route a little and it's really nice. Be sure to stop for a Dutch raw herring along the way, or a lekkerbekje or kibbelings, if you're more into battered deep fried fish. You'd probably want to follow the coast route until Katwijk or Noordwijk though. You may have to circle around a couple of harbours or navigate your way through towns, which can be more tricky, but sign posting is usually good, as is the quality of cycle lanes and paths.

    Piece of advice: expect wind.
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    Probably easiest to follow the coastal route LF1b to Haarlem. This path runs in both directions, a and b so follow the right one. There are signs from the port exit.
    You are bound to run into a signed bicycle route to Amsterdam in Haarlem.
    You can probably make the distance if you don't faff about but in my experience faffing about is SOP so have a backup plan for staying at Haarlem, which is a very pleasant town.
  • Thanks for the advic everyone.

    Lets just say its probally been one of the most enjoyable days on a bike ive had. A few hiccups with stupid dutch signage (or lack of when coming to a T-Juctions) but all in all a great day.

    The route we took was some was dis-jointed changing our 'target town' when loosing all signs. Firstly the LF1b ( b is the south to north direction and 'a' visa versa) and after loosing signs in The Hague epecially around the docks we followed one of the mains road going towards Harlem missing out some of the coastel route. But i think it was a good mistake because the houses we came across today on the side of the roads were VERY impressive and all seemed to get bigger with extravegent gardens and frontages. Then from there Harlem and along the N202 and N200 into amsterdam. The roads were busy at times but we were always protected by hedges, grass areas and railings making the day run without any near misses with car drivers. The dutch sure no how to build cycle paths!

    Now we've just eaten and logged into a 'coffeeshop' internet cafe to look at the days route on strava and relax :wink:

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