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Fox Vans

brutaldeluxe09brutaldeluxe09 Posts: 96
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I have a pair of Fox Van 32's that have not been used for over 2 years. They are attached to a frame that has been clamped in to a workstand and it's with regret that the time has come to take action and it's most probable that I will sell them.

Does anybody know if there are any precautions I should take before I touch them what with them being sat static for so long? I was planning on testing them out before I decide what to do but I don't want to ruin them.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help.


  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    Should be fine. Worth sitting them upside down for a while to lube up the wipers inside. If they feel harsh though, dont keep bouncing on them - they'll need servicing and bouncing wont help.
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