First 60 mile ride

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Having been doing up to 35 on my hybrid, I finally bought a road bike and have been gradually building up the miles. I'm doing London2Paris next year, so trying to get in as many as possible in the good weather. Today I managed 60, I'm quite pleased, the time was too slow and I was disappointed with my average speed, but I've now got something to aim for.

Big hills still killing me though. More training needed.


  • Great start Seth - just keep going and your times and AVS will improve.
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    As a newbie myself, the miles are more important than the speed. Speed will come as you increase your fitness but don't neglect training on hills - I can vouch for the ride from Calais to Paris not being particularly flat!
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    Who cares about the speed - you did it! it's a nice milestone.

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  • As above when doing rides of that sort of distance the key is to keep your speed down so that you can complete the course!
  • Unless your racing, speed doesnt matter, you just want to enjoy it and get it finished. 60 miles is an achievement mate, well done!