Worth upgrading parts?

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I have a Boardman Road Team (http://www.boardmanbikes.com/road/road_team.html) - Is it worth upgrading bits on this, such as the wheels, or should I consider an all round better bike?

This is my first road bike, having started on the road September last year. Very happy with the bike in general and would certainly consider another Boardman bike.


  • Sprool
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    Nowt wrong with Boardmans, very decent value for money. Methinks you spent too much time looking at the Buying Advice section. Nothing needs replacing or upgrading. If you have cash to burn buy your partner a nice gift. Replace and upgrade stuff only when its broken or worn out. Go riding lots more if you can, so you have a proper legitimate excuse to buy new bike stuff quicker.
  • Mickyg88
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    Top answer, brilliant advice for a change in here....