Soon to buy my first road bike

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I currently have a MTB however, I find myself mainly riding roads so and looking to soon pick up my first road bike. I was looking at the Triban 3, but following the recent article in cycling plus I am going to stretch my budget a little more and get the Triban 5.

The only thing about it that I may consider upgrading/changing are the tyres and will be getting some spds.

What tyres would anyone recommend for a good all rounder? I am a fairly robust/big chap so won't be flinging it round corners etc, just want something that will keep me on the straight and narrow.

A few friends have the conti gatorskins and recommend those. I just thought I would cast the net a little wider on opinion. I am not really that technically savy with bikes so not sure what will fit and what won't.

Any advice is gratefully received. Cheers :)


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    Gatorskins are perhaps overkill in terms of puncture protection, unless you're going to be commuting on city streets. Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons might be a better all-round option. See this article for some more ideas.
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    If it's your first road bike just ride the tyres on it for a while, you probably won't be able to judge whether they're good or not.
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    After following the above advice and try the ones it comes with, you won't go far wrong with the Continental GP 4 seasons - a good compromise between puncture protection grip and rolling resistance.

    Look out for deals where you get two tyres plus tubes- effectively checking in tubes for nothing.
  • I went for the triban 3 myself, but both great bikes. I got the below tyres and pedals and they are performing well. I used the tyres the bike came with for a few months first tho so I agree with the above sentiments.

    Michelin Pro4 Service Course Folding Road Tyre, Shimano PD-R540 SPD SL Sport Pedals
  • The only thing you'll need is some M520 pedals. Ride the tyres that come with it until they wear out.