Specialized Hardrock Sport - What year is this please?

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Hi, quick question for those that know. What year is this bike?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Specialized-h ... 7675.l2557

Owner believes 'about 8 years' but I haven't been able to find an exact match on bikepedia or google.
Rob S


  • Chunkers1980
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    It says no longer available.
  • I bought it, not crass enough to say how much but it wasn't much at all. Just want to know the model year so I can look at measurements and replacing a couple of parts (like the Sole Brakes)
    Rob S
  • supersonic
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    Is a 2006 I think, but specs in Europe and US vary, so you may not be able to find the exact one.
  • Fantastic, thanks very much Supersonic.
  • A 2007, same as the one I have in the shed.
  • slindborg wrote:
    A 2007, same as the one I have in the shed.

    Perfect, thanks :D
  • croptonboy
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    That was a bargain! Was watching a 2005 not so long ago and it went for £165. Didn't have disc brakes either.
  • The Rookie
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    One being horribly overpriced doesn't necesarily make the other a bargain!
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  • The Rookie wrote:
    One being horribly overpriced doesn't necesarily make the other a bargain!

    I know that, although they are popular, they are not the highest regarded bike - but I bought it as a cheap way into MBing as I've packed in smoking and decided to get out and about and fit. I also have a 2004 Kraken I'm picking up tomorrow, so between the two I can learn and fiddle about replacing and upgrading parts on a budget which fills my evenings nicely. I doubt I'll do anything other than trail riding so it's good for what I need. It's also cheaper to do up than my old Triumph Dolomite, and takes up less room in the garage whilst I'm tinkering!
  • croptonboy
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    I saw what the winning bid was, so I still say its a bargain. As for the one at £165, well something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it so clearly at least 1 person thought it was worth that much.

    I think you could probably treble your money if you clean it up and sell it on. Because Specialized are well known, they do fetch good money compared to equivalent other makes.