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Anyone know anything about these? Planet X seem like the only stockist in the UK. Italain made apparently, and seem to be very good deals.
Some of you may have read in another of my threads that I have just bought a Canyon Roadlite AL 7.0 frame, for just over £200 including p+p.
Found these SAB frames last night though and wasn't sure what to make of them. Don't know if I should have gone with one of those. There's one for cheaper than I paid, and apparently been reduced from a higher price than what the Canyon is worth new.
With it being just a planet x thing, and seemingly nothing else coming up when you google them, I just wasn't too comfortable with buying one when there are no reviews. So just wondered if anyone on here has come across them


  • FransJacques
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    Old new stock blowout Italian stuff.

    Someone must have opened up a warehouse that's been padlocked since 2004. Seriously. That's about the vintage of this stuff. EL-OS, Thron, SAT 16.5. All good materials and will give a great ride but they've all been on the shelf a long time.

    That said the colours and style are quite nice and remind me of bikes I loved at the time, like the Scandium De Rosa Merak.
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    You're probably not wrong with the "opened a warehouse..." comment. but TBF there's a mix of ages ranging up to 2012. PX acquired SAB (San Marino Bici) towards the end of 2012, and this is what they acquired-


    I've bought a SAB Classico frame when they were selling a few of them off for 99 squids. I need to ride it a bit more with some different wheel combinations to give a final opinion, but my initial impression is that it's a surprisingly forgiving ride for an alluminium frame - thanks in part to the carbon rear stays. It feels very direct and sharp in the turn. But feels a little twitchy on the descents. But this could be a set-up issue, and I might get used to this pretty soon.

    I haven't ridden the Canyon, so can't say which frame is better. But then, the better frame is sometimes just the one that fits you best and suits your riding style.

    Stick with the Canyon.
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    They also bought all of Jimmy Savilles old road bikes towards the end of 2012. I d rather have a SAB.