Problems with Garmin Forerunner 310XT

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Evening all,

I bought myself a re-furbished Garmin Forerunner 310XT from Wiggle about a month ago and have used it a few times now but I'm slightly concerned as it appears to be losing it's signal strength.

When I first got it, it would pick up the satellites straight away no problem. I went out last night on my bike and was stood for best part of 10mins under clear skies while it was searching for satellites.

What it also does, but has done since I bought it, is it pauses the workout when I'm out of the saddle/climbing. It bleeps and says "Workout Paused", then bleeps again and says "Workout Started", and keeps doing this until I sit back down again.

I have it strapped to my stem with the proper mount.

Does anyone else have these problems or does it sound like it's not quite as refurbished as it should be?



  • chaymck
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    You can turn off auto pause or set it to speed, should sort the second issue. What software version are you using? May be worth updating the unit- should help with first issue.
  • But I want autopause. Just when I stop though, not while I'm blowing out of my arse on a climb!

    I'll check the update. See if that makes any difference.
  • chaymck
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    Set auto pause to a lower speed then. Sounds like you are going slows enough to trigger it.
  • Last time it was doing it I was still pushing 23mph in a climb... :?
  • pirnie
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    Have you got any kind of wheel sensor on, or is it just working via GPS? The autopausing on climbs can be caused by the magnet getting too far from the sensor as the frame flexes and stopping reading
  • Yeah I'm running a speed and cadence sensor too so it should be running from GPS, and the sensors.
  • pirnie
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    In that case the pausing is almost certainly the wheel moving away from the sensor when you're out of the saddle and causing the magnet not to be detected. Try checking your back wheel for any play in the bearings to see if that's what's causing it or if not, try moving the sensor arm closer to the magnet.
  • Ok thanks, I'll give that a go. There's definitely no play in the hubs like coz I literally just serviced them a couple of weeks ago, but I'll check the distance between the sensor and magnet.