Appreciative Newbie getting results

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I started road riding a few months back and initially I was riding on my own with many questions about technique, fitness and nutrition. I did struggle a little with my bike set up and suffered numb/tingly hands. I have enjoyed reading posts on here which have helped with all my questions so far and I have now purchased a new bike (2014 Defy 1) which I am really pleased with. I tend to do 10, 19 and 33 mile circuits and have the luxury of the New Forrest on my doorstep or hills surrounding my home. I have even plucked up the courage to sign up for my first Sportive which is in October. So once again, thanks for the useful information and inspiration to get out there and get amongst it.


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    Good for you! Cycling is a great thing and glad you've been able to catch the bug
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    I woke up this morning feeling pretty chuffed. After reading lots on this forum and changing things about a bit and being more careful with what and when I eat I managed to take 15 mins off of my 19+ mile circuit last night. This is after weighing myself yesterday and seeing the fruits of my labour with my weight starting to drop. I also tried out a different technique for attacking hills rather than just riding up them and that seems to have worked as well. All in all i'm a happy camper and look forward to my sunday ride out in the New Forest tomorrow.
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    Fab! I like to hear about people enjoying their riding.

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