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Reynolds Stratus dv carbon clinchers - general thoughts?

johnnymcg259johnnymcg259 Posts: 569
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The above are a possible purchase (2nd hand/pre-loved but with minimal use) and having read one or two reviews was concerned a bit about their supposedly poor'ish braking in wet weather? Any members with experience of this or have brake pad compounds improved things (the wheels are a model from a few years ago).

General opinions on their ride performance also welcomed.

I usually ride Dura Ace C24's at the mo and know the above are heavier by a few hundred grams but am interested in deeper section carbon hoops for the occasional blast on the flat.


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    You can blast on the flat with your C24... the advantage will be about 2-3% in power efficiency at 25-30 mph... looking at 10-15 Watts over a 300-400 Watt output
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  • johnnymcg259johnnymcg259 Posts: 569
    Cheers Ugo........the C24's are superb and a 'do it all' type wheel which is good value imo. I've had 2 sets over the last few years or so and I can hold a decent avg pace with them on the flat too...... but just curious with deeper rims.
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