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this is my first post . after taking a long break from riding 10 -15 years (ex bmx'r) i decided to get back into riding after quiting smoking and started to think its time to sort out the flabby bits. road bikes always held more of a appeal to me over mtb's but being on the larger side i was a bit sceptical about even going to a shop and looking at bikes. let alone some lycra! well put a long story short from what i saved by not smoking ive bought a bike , and today i bought some lycra shorts and a jersey. i waited till i got home to try on i must admit i felt a little silly and didnt want to look in the mirror, that was until i started looking on this forum and especially the beginners section, and reading loads of posts about the "larger " gentlemen and there reservations about lycra, my confidence has risen ten fold with some of the comments that other people have put on posts regarding looking stupid in lycra. a massive thank you to all already and a massive thumbs up to this forum. :D


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    Heh, everyone thinks they look stupid in lycra the first few times. First time I ventured out in it, I actually looked up the street to see if anyone was watching :lol:

    I don't give it a second thought now.

    Good luck!
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    Everyone looks errm, different in lycra. But, it's practical and ideal for the use intended. Personally, I'm more Alberto Tatlock than Alberto Contador - just wear shades and think wtf! 8)

    ...the red cape and underpants may be something you may wish to reconsider though... :wink:
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