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Hello: Swiss newbie checking in

ridgeway_swissridgeway_swiss Posts: 146
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After some friendly advice on here about Hybrid or Road, I went road and I'm sure it was the correct decision.

Should have had a user name of "Loose the 10kgs belly tyre" really as this is in the end the main motivator to get me in the saddle. 43yrs old and now living near Lausanne but actually grew up in sunny Stockport where I used to road ride when I was a teenager with the Woodhead and Snake being regular runs, but that was about 3 mortgages, 4 kids and 15kgs ago.....

Now spending far too much time traveling and in turn far too much time at the dinner table, neither of which will be extending my life expectancy and being only 5' 8" and 83kgs things have literally gone pear shaped, well more like fat belly lazy b$$$$tard shape if I'm honest.

Bought a second hand Scott Speedster S50 on Sunday just to see if I can "feel the force" again and after 10km's on Sunday eve I definitely felt something but that was most probably parts of my body that have been asleep for the last few years. I've had 2 meniscus operations on my right knee over the last 2yrs but up to now it seems OK with cycling, running is a definite no no but turning pedals has been ok although that has always been gentle rides of low KM's and not Alpe d'huez or the likes (in my dreams). I've been very casually using my mountain bike but only very light stuff around forest trials and getting the children riding, nothing more than 8km's really.

Now the campaign begins ! first outing on Sunday eve was quite a shock for 3 reasons:

1) I remembered after about 20mins all those pains and strains of cycling from when I was a kid, only then they came after about 4hrs in the saddle and not just after I'd gone down the road.
2) On the last decent about 3km's from home I had a puncture and yes you guessed it I was totally ill prepared and so got a lift with shank's pony
3) Whenever you have to walk home with your bike be sure of 2 things ! Firstly all your neighbors will see you, smile, wave and then keep driving, and secondly it will almost certainly start to rain about 3 seconds into the humiliating walk...

Since Sunday I've bought every puncture solution known to man kind :lol: but having a rapid puncture (deflated in 5 seconds) down hill at 45km's was also a wake up but still fun and it did make me smile a lot :lol:

Today I've managed to get my hands on some reasonable clothes based on the fact that I didn't want to spend a fortune as I plan 50-100km's a week but at the same time I didn't want cheap shorts as my censored isn't replaceable so spent a few quid on some Scott bibs. Also got a Mavic lid and the usual gear to complete my bid to look like a retired wrestler.

I've got lots of things to learn and read up about but I think I just need to get pedaling so will get 25km's in on Thursday eve and then going to Annecy at the weekend for some longer rides as we'll stay there in the camping car as bikes and camping cars seem to be a good combo.

Now off to post some surely stupid and obvious questions but you guys look kind enough to help me out and set me on the right track !



  • Neil_akyNeil_aky Posts: 211
    Have you got a track pump? If not get one, since I bought mine I realised my tyres had been badly under inflated and were the main cause of my punctures! Haven't needed my extensive puncture solutions since!
  • Yep I have a track pump and I did check and inflate the tires before the outing. Went to 110psi as although they had a max of 120psi (Conti ultra race) but TBH I really wonder how accurate these track pump gauges are ? probably as good as you pay and my pumps was not expensive. I want to test the gauge vs a known accurate digital tyre pressure device and then will see if it's out. Having said that after reading some posts on here it looks like I'll be going with 85 front and 95 rear from now on.
  • Neil_akyNeil_aky Posts: 211
    If you are getting punctures at that pressure, consider more durable tyres.

    For pressures you will read loads of opinions but there are recommendations from manufacturers:

    Make no apology for posting this link again - as there are so many opinions / myths!
  • Neil_aky wrote:
    If you are getting punctures at that pressure, consider more durable tyres.

    For pressures you will read loads of opinions but there are recommendations from manufacturers:

    Make no apology for posting this link again - as there are so many opinions / myths!

    Thanks for the link and agree about the tires. Will likely keep them for now but am willing to change as needed.

    I'm 83kgs so this would suggest on Mich tires that it would be 120psi. I'm glad to see that they suggest a psi vs weight setting as this is definitely correct.
  • Well apart from the 5 punctures in 10 days (I give up on self adhesive patches...) I've managed 150km this last week which was a nice start and a really nice to get some riding in around Annecy last weekend. Managed an average of 17mph around the lake although if anyone knows it then it is very flat with only one real climb near Talloires, and a more realistic 14mph on a 15miler near home with a 2 mile reasonable climb was tough for me).

    When trundling around the lake at 38/39kmh last Saturday morning I was passed quite easily by a lady that I'd guess at around +60yrs, quite inspiring to see her go off into the distance, honestly...
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