Fulcrum quattro or chinese carbon from Farsports?

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I have been cycling now for a few months and with using Strava about to clock up my first 1000 miles in the saddle. I ride a Boardman Race which i love and rides really well. In June i did my first 100 mile sportive in a time 6:36 hrs, a charity ride. I have another one in September and am aiming for sub 6 hours.

At present my 20-30 mile rides over similar terrain to the 100 mile route are doing an average speed of 18 mph. When i first started cycling i was averaging 16 mph. I do push myself on each ride to get faster but now am looking to upgrade and as per all advice i read its the wheels. I dont have a huge budget, £250 and trying to find the right mix of aero and weight loss, at present of Mavic CXP22's.

I have narrowed my options down to Fulcrum Quattro but have also been pointed to some carbons in the same price but unbranded which have the same aero profile and around 300g lighter. Is this too good to be true? Do i stick with the brand that is known?

Any advice appreciated