Garmin Edge 200 or 500?

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Hi all
I am after some buying advice on either the Garmin Edge 200 or 500 and the pros and cons of each computer.
do they both display your speed and distance traveled while you are riding? if so, how do they do it? is it done via GPS or do they have a sensor on the front wheel? do you have to select your wheel size in order for the devices to display accurate speed and distance traveled? I have found that most of the edge computers will work with a chest strap for the heart rate monitor and also a cadence sensor, but do you really need either of these?
all I want is to be able to see how far I have traveled and how fast while I am riding, I also want to be able to upload my efforts to strava afterwards. currently I am doing this with an android phone in my jersey pocket. I haven't really looked but I don't think the android app allows you to use the phone as a bike computer, just as a GPS recording device which then allows you to upload your ride once you get home. plus it does tend to drain the battery rather quickly, I would also be a bit worried about having my phone fixed to the bars in case the worst should happen.
have I made the right choice with the edge 200 or 500?
also, do either devices display your maximum speed? do you need anything extra to make each device do this?


  • tim_wand
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    From what you have said, I would recommend the 200.

    It comes with 2 mounts and can be transferred between bikes in seconds.

    It requires no sensors or wires as it works off GPS so it records real time where you are and all the data you have stated.

    Speed, Average Speed. Distance, Calories burnt, There is also a lap function. You can download courses as a breadcrumb trail. And you can record a course you have ridden to remember it or race against it next time.

    You download data to Garmin Connect and it will keep all your stats and over lay it onto mapping.

    For around £100 its a great piece of kit and has really motivated me to get out and ride more often.

    The advantages of the 500 are you can add additional sensors such as heart rate and Cadence and other ANT compatiable devices, but its over twice the cost for the basic unit and more for the add ons.
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    Both the 200 and the 500 will display speed, distance, time etc, plus other things while you ride, they both work on GPS so no need to set wheel size, just attach to the bike and let it locate satellites then off you go, it's that easy! I think a wheel magnet can be added but I never have.

    If you want heart rate or cadence you'll need the 500 but if those things don't bother you the 200 will do everything else, I have a 200 and its great, plus it's cheaper.

    Both are then easy to upload to Strava etc and you can download a route onto them to follow as a 'bread crumb' trail.

    Either would be a far better bet than a mobile trying to do the same thing in my opinion :)
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  • hatch87
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    I was in the same situation. Ended up getting the 500, because I knew I would get the 200, then a couple of months later want HR or Cadence. If you do get the 500, may as well get the bundle with all in as it works out cheaper.

    I got my 500 bundle for £160, prices seem to be a bit higher atm. Not sure I would of gone for the £190 Wiggle and Amazon are doing it for atm. An extra £100 for a bit of data is different to the £50 when I was looking. I've probably not helped at all lol
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  • Worth remembering that the 500 has a barometric altimeter whereas the 200 relies on GPS for it's altitude, the latter being a lot less accurate.
  • farrina
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    May I refer the OP to the learned D C Rainmaker here who goes into so much detail you will be begging for mercy (but well informed).


  • sbbefc
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    The Edge 200 is a good piece of kit, I went with it because I personally don't see me bothering with all the other add ons in the foreseeable future and its 70-50£ cheaper. Meters gained is a bit off but again its something I'm not fussed with and it gets corrected on uploading the ride onto the internet anyway.

    Uploading rides couldn't be easier with strava/garmin connect, all you have to do is download the plug-in and it sorts itself out.
  • adowling92
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    Edge 500 is a very good piece of kit. I've had no problems with it.

    And the added bonus of being able to use a HRM and Cadence sensor with it :)
    Also you get 2 mounts with the 500 also.
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  • Dorset_Boy
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    As you will end up wanting cadence and heart rate in due course you should go for the 500. Basic unit is £130 at Handtec at the moment, and you can add the HRM and Cadence sensor later when you need them.
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    Quick note on the Garmin Edge 500. I walked into my local Halfords today and spotted the 500 for £50 (yes 50).

    Took it to the till only expecting to be told its a pricing ever but low and behold its the last one on display and was indeed fifty quid.
    Even came with heart rate and cadence sensors.

    Not sure if this is nationwide as I noticed they are not on halfords web anymore.

    Might be worth popping into your local branch and having a look.
  • I checked halfords last week and got the 500 unit only for £35. Cheers for the heads up!!
  • I checked several halfords stores, the edge 500 was indeed £50 with the cadence sensor and chest strap, but no one had them in stock and they couldn't be found on their website. so because I didn't like the idea of riding with a chest strap on or having a huge sensor on the back of my bike I went with the 200, which is more than perfect for my needs.
    it should have been £100 in store, but I reserved it online and got it for £87.
    after using it I can honestly say I don't see the point in the cadence sensor and the heart rate monitor. riding with the a chest strap can be uncomfortable and unless you buy another cadence sensor you can only use the unit on one bike.
  • snowjho
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    Each to their own and all but i was sceptical about the senors and im still unsure about theHRM. But the cadence sensor has really improved my cycling. Im a stats geek at heart but focusing on holding a steady cadence of approx 90 has helped me pick the right gears. Also means i can use it on the turbo while watching sufferfest.

    I think the 200 is fantastic and i know ill never use the 500 to its full potential but im very glad i did buy the 500. I bought just the unit first and the additional sensors made for excellent birthday present from relatives who usually buy the wrong things!
  • wandsworth
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    I can honestly say I don't see the point in the cadence sensor and the heart rate monitor. riding with the a chest strap can be uncomfortable

    If you want to record your HR or your cadence they are essential. You may not ... others do. I use a chest strap HR monitor and if you adjust it properly it's not at all uncomfortable.

    I think there was another thread about the Garmin bargains in Halfords. From that thread, I think every unit in the country at that price is now sold!
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    all the 500's are sold they have lots of 200's left. and some 800's left but the 800's are still £275

    the 200 are £87 but with the british cycling discount you can get em with 10% discount
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