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Should i buy a Genesis cdf?

pessimalpessimal Posts: 58
edited July 2013 in Commuting general
Just seen the genesis cdf on cheap at pro bike shop, as I was looking for a hybrid, and everyone was telling me to get a road bike this seems like the ideal compromise, something with a little more comfort and off road usability, as well as still doing reasonably well on the road.

Can anyone give me any other reasons why I should, or should not buy one??



  • Mark__gtiMark__gti Posts: 177
    It's crazy cheap, buy it quick!
  • StulietStuliet Posts: 13
    Should you? I don't know. I can tell you I have the 2012 CdF and it is great. I use it to commute on road/hard packed cycle paths/field/woodland track and it copes with it all. A bit bumpy at times over the rough stuff but no problems to mention so far
  • pessimalpessimal Posts: 58
    Ah well, bought now!!
  • gllewellyngllewellyn Posts: 113
    link pls!?
  • jimmypippajimmypippa Posts: 1,712
    I have the Croix de Fer and it's really good fun to ride.

    Because it is hilly where I live (5-miles from Winnats pass) I wanted the slightly lower gear ratio than the CdF
  • pessimalpessimal Posts: 58
    Well it's arrived, so got it on the work stand and got the handlebars attached, and the pedals on.

    Gears needed a little tuning, and the brake disks rub a little part of the revolution, so I think I might take it into the local lbs to get them to do a full check over before I do much riding.

    I was slightly concerned about the 25 as the lowest cog, but I don't really have much in the way of hills around here, so I should be ok for now.

    Beautiful bike, need To get used to it and then a little adjusting as I think it's a tad large for me, but I ain't selling!
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