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Please could someone help?

I've been told two different stories when it comes to picking the right size cycling shoes, one person said you need to buy them 2 sizes bigger and the other said smaller. I was going to buy online if I could to save time.



  • maybe this helps, I recently bought some off Wiggle and on there Size 45 European is 9.5, but everywhere else its 11..
  • Varies from make to make - only solution is to try them on.
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    I believe that it depends on the brand. Apparently Italian brands size small, others size the same as normal shoes. I have Bontrageur shoes and they are a size larger than I would normally buy.

    Buy from a local shop where you can try them on, if you can't support local businesses then order from a web site that offers free return postage - you can swap them if they don't fit and it won't cost you a penny.
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    my road shoes (specialized and sidi) are the same size as most of my other shoes

    fit varies with make/model and individual foot size/shape, there's no substitute for trying them on
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    Yes, sizing varies between different makes so you need to try some on.

    In terms of fit, bike shoes need to be snug but not tight - you don't want your feet flopping-about but need a little expansion room for when your feet warm-up.
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    Thanks for all of the responses, it didnt occur to me that different brands might have different sizes. I will go to my local shop and try them all on. Thanks again!!

    I've only had my road bike a week and I'm loving it, I have the pedals and just need the shoes now :)
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    yes, definately try on in the shop if you can.
    i wear shimano RO87's in size 48 but in reality im only a 46 in non cycling shoes. in the previous model the shimano ro86's i wore a 47. its a funny old game.
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    Am normally a 44 in trainers, my shimano shoes (m064 and r077's) are 46's and are just the right size.

    I picked up a pair of Specialized Tahoe shoes the other week in a 46 and am regretting not trying a 45 as my feet feel very loose in them.

    I would say best to go try the ones you like in LBS.
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    Try them on is your only true option. I have size 12 feet yet my cycling shoes "specialized race" are size 11.
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    You have been given silly advice imo. They all vary, so to get it right you need to try before you buy. Shoes are as personal as bib shorts and their inserts, they are either going to suit you or they're not.
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    I took your advice and popped to go outdoors to try some shimano shoes on and noticed they had a price match poster so they matched halfords price and beat it by 10%, I saved £20! at the till, I'm very happy thanks everyone!
    I fit perfectly into a 41.
  • Normally 1 size bigger than normal shoe size