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I have a orbea orca bronze 105 and I want to upgrade my seat and seat post, any ideas of what would fit my bike and what is best out there at the moment. :?:


  • Gizmodo
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    Saddles are a personal choice, there is no "best", only which one is most comfortable for your posterior and riding style.

    Seat posts are standard apart from
    1. the diameter, so either measure yours or search the Internet for what diameter seat post your bike came with
    2. the set back which is personal to your body and the bike
  • May be try a basalt carbon fibre seat post if you think its an upgrade.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    Maybe a tiny bit of research would tell you the seatpost size, I'm sure the manufactures website would, or would you rather we did it for you? As for a seat upgrade, maybe a search on here would give you. An idea, or again, should we do that for you at the same time?
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    I like fizik saddles but they aren't for everyone

    Seat post wise, you can't go far wrong with a super lightweight KCNC scandium post. Cheaper than all the others in that weight range