Thank you

andy 3654
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Many thanks to Maidenhead cycle club for welcoming me on your club run. I felt very welcome even if i was hanging off the back.

I will be back.


  • Brian B
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    Soon you will be able to keep up and even able to challenge for the top of the hill or the 'race' for the speed sign in the distance. The joy of whooshing past unsuspecting solo cyclist's and other country lane users and upsetting horses and riding in such big groups that cars wont be able to pass but you wont care.

    Then after a few years of going around the exact same roads at the same time regardless of weather you will be as bored as most riders and think of quitting the club for good.

    Then before you do you will have a crash due to another club member and wreck your precious steed and limp home to the missus wracking your brain how you will tell her you will need 3 weeks off work due to a broken collar bone and how on earth are you going to fund another bike after this calamity.

    PS This is only an account of an unfortunate work mate of mine who took up cycling 3 years ago and probably not the status quo and this is not be treated as serious or any way trolling and is to be taken in jest :)
    Brian B.
  • MountainMonster
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    Clubs are great. I would happily ride with my local one more often if it wasn't for the fact their runs start on Sunday at 9am, meaning no sleeping in, not even on one day a week. I may try to force my butt back in gear.