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Wheels advice - Hope pro2 v DT Swiss

djg15catdjg15cat Posts: 2
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I have a Scott Spark carbon full suss bike I bought from ebay and it came with DT Swiss XR1 wheels with DT Swiss hubs.

My original bike had Mavic 717 wheels with hope Pro 2 hubs.

I am after advice as to which wheels to keep. Is it right that the hope pro 2s are better wheels/easier to service - although it usually goes to the bike shop - I might start to do this myself at some point.

If I do keep the Hope pro 2 wheels the front disc rotor is 185mm but the new bike wheels have a 180mm front disc rotor. How much of a problem would it be to change rotors.

Many thanks for any advice offered


  • capoz77capoz77 Posts: 503
    I'll throw this into the mix, I have Hope Pro 2's with DT swiss 5.1d rims :lol:




    In 6 years i've never serviced the Hope Pro 2's!! smooth as butter still, rims still true as the day I had the wheels custom made :D
  • pete_spete_s Posts: 213
    No problem changing the discs as long as they both use the 6 bolt interface. IIRC disc diameter is goverened by the fork and not the hub. Don't know much about DT Swiss for hubs but they make good spokes.
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Sort of like an X1800 wheelset that, isn't it? So 2-pawl freehub, fairly XC rims... TBH the wheelsets will be pretty similiar in most ways. The Hopes are probably more sellable, if I was keeping one of the two that's the set I'd want to keep though (717s ain't light but they are very tough for an XC rim, DT rims in general are pretty soft, though without hitting yours off a big rock I wouldn't want to say for sure)
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
    Personally I'd stick with the DT wheels and sell the (worth more) Hope/Mavic, I really don't think there is anything in it 'quality' wise.
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