How will I know....

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when it's time to get a new bike?

I bought my Giant Defy 4 in November and it is currently serving me very well! I want to start racing criteriums next year and have a sneaking feeling that come March, a combination of my annual bonus, lighter evenings, the race season looming and pages and pages of pornographic reviews in Cycling Plus for 'race machines' will make me do something impulsive :lol:

What I wanna know....will there be any point? Or will the trusty Defy hold it's own with the 4th cats??


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    There is a well known equation to answer this, the correct number of bikes is n+1 (which can also be written as s-1)

    See Rule #12 -
  • dnwhite88
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    As soon as you get the green light from the mrs
    "It never gets easier, you just go faster"
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    If you want to race crits then a standard double is a good idea..

    .. and why bother changing just the chainset when you can buy a whole new bike?! :mrgreen:

    (ps. My Defy 1 is serving me fine in 4th cat crits at the moment though.. although having said that it does have a stiffer BB than the Defy 4, and I do have a relatively aggressive position due to my body shape. )
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    Or will the trusty Defy hold it's own with the 4th cats??

    If you can hold your own in races, then so can the bike.
  • dnwhite88 wrote:
    As soon as you get the green light from the mrs

    :lol: So true!! She'll be fine! As long as I put the miles in over the winter...and buy her some new duvet covers and maybe some ear-rings! :lol:

    Thanks for the advice Al, perhaps I can come and be your domestique? I might learn something!
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    Having a £100 voucher for Edinburgh Cycle I was wondering what to spend it on. I briefly mentioned a bike upgrade as in "save the vouchers for a bike upgrade, but not yet". Normally she agrees that I don't need to spend money on something, but she said nothing. That rather sounds like assent....
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