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Bryton Rider 20 GPS Elevation Data Issues

mini_snappermini_snapper Posts: 10
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I recently bought a Bryton Rider 20 GPS unit for my bike to save my phone battery from logging duties. Seems a reasonable piece of kit, but it seems to have an issue with the elevation data. When I begin to record a ride it does it's best to record the current elevation. After that point it simply increments that starting value. If you select pause then it records you new elevation on selecting restart. Now you won't see this unless you download the data direct to you computer and load it into something like memory map. If you load it into the Bryton site, the elevation data gets corrected.

My question is this, is mine faulty or do they all do this and it's just duff software?

I contacted their support and they said the unit doesn't record elevation data, but it clearly tries. When I posed the above question they didn't reply to my e-mails :(

Anyone got one and can answer the above?


  • TrickleTrickle Posts: 22
    Are you sure you are seeing elevation information? I've never seen it displayed on mine.

    Quick online search finds this review which agrees: ... der-20-gps
  • Sorry but to be clear, the elevation data isn't displayed on the device, it's only visible in the GPX(or other format) file that you save to your computer. In a GPX file it's enclosed within the <ele> tags. It's a bit of a geek thing I guess, but I'm struggling to understand why it can clearly get elevation data, it just can't record it on the move.
  • Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

    mini snapper - did you find a solution to this fault? My Rider 20 has recently started doing this. As you say, it starts the ride at your current elevation, then slowly creeps up, but then drops when you pause it. Weird.

    Makes this morning's 36 mile ride in the Cambridgeshire fens looks like a Himalayan adventure - I apparently "climbed" 10,626ft today!
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  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Softy - I managed nearly 40,000 feet. It's currently trying to recalculate on Strava but not in any hurry.

    Incidentally, my unit managed to turn itself of whilst paused so I had to start again from scratch. What I noticed was that when I stopped at the meet up point, the elevation rose more steeply than when riding and when later we stopped for a mechanical, the elevation dropped (quite steeply - the gradient is recorded as -120%!).

    Looking at the tcx file, a value for elevation is recorded and just increments by 2 to 3m every data point.

    Strava just managed to correct my elevation - to 40,000 feet....... I am forcing it again.

    TBH, I think this is a Strava problem rather than a Bryton one. There is a lot of glitchiness in Strava.
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  • LittleAndy, no I never got a resolution, nor a response from Bryton. I just stopped using the pause feature and relied on either the BrytonSport or Garmin Connect sites to correct the elevation data once i uploaded. So it's odd that it has a stab at the elevation and then just gives up. Naff programming if you ask me, but the various sites sort it out OK, but as I say, stop using pause the auto stop keeps the moving stats in line sufficiently.
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    What does not using pause gain though? The elevation data is corrected anyway surely?

    I wonder if the software got garbled on an update sometime after the 21 came out which does have barometric elevation.
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  • Rolf, to be honest not pausing just means i start it and go, and stop at the end of the ride. Fit and forget basically, although IIRC some web sites don't like how the pause is recorded in the data file, so it can make the data more portable.
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