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Anyone know how straightforward it is to do as I think it may be time to change the battery on my 705. I have had it a few years but just lately it runs down far too quickly. Also it has started to act rather strangely, for example yesterday's 70 mile ride was according to the Garmin something ridiculous like 292 with an average speed of 65mph!! Oh and the best bit, a maximum speed of 30,602mph. :shock: I did try a reset before today's ride hoping it would solve the problems but it soon died on me.

So I am hoping it's not totally had it and it just needs a replacement battery to solve the problems, which I believe takes a special tool to remove the 6 screws in the back. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has had to do this and maybe could recommend somewhere to purchase a new battery from.


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    possibly go to forum on garmin site. think you have to send away but probably completely wrong.
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    Small Torx screwdriver and a battery from Amazon. Can't remember the Torx size but the job is easy to do. If the unit is is out of warranty you won't invalidate it.

    How to video

    As you can see from the video, the job is simple enough, undo the screws, open the case, undo two connectors, install new battery, reconnect two connectors and reassemble the unit. One thing not mentioned in the video is make sure the seal is seated correctly when joining the two halve back up.
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    Thanks for the replies. Certainly does need a new battery, been on charge all night and still in the 'red'.