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Sorry, total newbie to road cycling!!!!

1. I'm struggling to shift up to big chainring - am I doing something wrong? It's not because I'm struggling on the small ring don't worry!!! I have an ORBEA aqua t23 with shimano 2300 gears. Just a double chainring (34/50)

2. Best way to relieve ache at the base of my thumb? I think I must just be leaning on my hands too much which makes this area ache / go a bit numb. Ideas?

3. I swear I had another question but I can't remember it!!!


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    if the shifting is poor, the cable tension may be a bit low, it's not uncommon on new bikes, or after replacing cables, as the outers etc. bed in the tension drops a bit, there's probably an adjuster on the downtube that you can tweak to increase tension

    for this and other adjustment/repair info, this is good...

    ...just don't believe the bits saying you need all their tools

    leaning on the bars, or simply gripping too tight, can cause pain/numbness, keep aware of this as you ride and make a concious effort to avoid leaning and be more relaxed

    if you haven't got any, padded mitts are well worth it
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    If the chain does not lift to the big ring when you move the shifter across it could possibly need adjustment at the front mech. There are 2 little adjusting screws, one that moves the mech positioning in and one that moves it out (yours could need to come out a bit, only use slight adjustments). As you throw the lever across and pedal it does take a bit of time to react and lift to the big ring. It took a bit of fiddling to get the set up right on my turbo bike which has the same 2300 gearing. Good info on t'internet/you tube etc for your education.

    As to your hands aching, I think you are just leaning to heavily just try and relax a bit there is no need to strangle your bike. it should disappear in time. It seems it's not unusual for new riders.

    Good luck
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    There are two things that could need adjustment for the shifting - the limit stop or the cable.

    Easy way to work out each is to start on the small chainring. Spin the pedals by hand and watch closely. Pull the inner cable for the front shifter as hard as you can. Then release it. Try it a few times.

    If the manual pull reliably shifts the limit is OK, you just need to up the tension a little on the cable.

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    1. As others have said, learn how to adjust your gears

    2. Bike fit - being comfortable on a bike is dependant on it being setup for you correctly. Search the Internet for "bike fit" there are plenty of resources out there