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Garmin 705

Bruce ThorntonBruce Thornton Posts: 87
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Has anyone had the problem of a Garmin 705 not uploading to the Garmin Connect page also not being able to get routes onto it? When I plug in the Garmin I get a choice to use a sd card or the device this didn't used to happen. Whichever I use it just says please wait when I click on upload. It's pxxing me off as I want to upload a route from the finish of the ride london to my car at the Lee Valley Ice Centre as I don't ever ride in London.


  • GC is frequently flaky.

    Just choose the manual upload option and browse the 705 to find the tcx file or whatever and get it to upload directly.

    You are getting the choice as your computer has an SD card installed, and the Garmin Navigator programme doesnt know if its a location it should be checking.
  • Thanks for the reply I tried the manual upload but nothing worked. I finally got a reply from Garmin after 10 days.
    Which told me to do a master reset which involved taking off all data. I'm loathe to do this as I mistakenly did this when I first got it and had to pay £30 to have it reset by Garmin. I've tried to ring them for over a week but never managed to get an answer. I'd like to know if anyone else has had problems with there awful customer service and if anyone knows if the reset will be ok to do as Garmin don't seem interested.
  • Okay, simple question.

    When the 705 is plugged into the computer do you get 1 or 2 USB drives inside that ?

    You should have one called Garmin and inside that a History folder. Your results sre inside that - find the file by its date and time and drag it to your desktop. Thats your data which garmin can upload by using the manual upload. If it won't manually upload that then update the Garmin Navigator driver which is probably out of date. At least that way if you restart the 705, you won't lose your routes - you could of course drag all routes and history off the device before restarting it.

    If however the computer doesn't have the 705 appearing as a USB drive then either the 705 is broken or the computer isn't seeing the 705 as a USB drive which is how that particular Garmin works.
  • jp1970jp1970 Posts: 131

    If your really stuck can I suggest you reformat the unit.... From time to time the OS gets in a tangle... A reformat usually does the trick.
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