Knee Pain

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Hi all,

I'm sure this has been bought up a thousand times before but I'm hoping someone can help a beginner like me.

I've not long been using clipless pedals and am getting on with them fine except for the fact that I keep getting pain in the inside of my right knee. It's not unbearable but uncomfortable none the less - discomfort normally kicks in around the 20mile mark and it gets more uncomfortable when I stop riding and things stiffen up. If you looked at my knee and split it into 4 quarters, I'm getting pain in the top right corner - the Medial part of the knee (I think??).

I can only put this down to poor set up of my cleats BUT - I recently used my Dad's bike (as mine was being fixed... new shifter) and experienced no pain at all when/after riding despite it being far too big for me - I'm just under 5ft,10 ride a 54cm Trek and my dad's bike was a 58cm Ribble.

Before I play around with cleats - could it be my bike set up - seat too low? too far forward or back? Tilted forward too much?? I used normal flat pedals before and never had any pains and I've now got pains using clipless pedals.

If it is the cleats, what/how should I adjust them?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice