Comfortable Budget Hybrid

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Hi, my father who is 51 is wanting to buy a bike for some exercise.

I told him to look at hybrids (being more comfortable than pure road bikes)

So im looking for a budget hybrid (new or used) that is comfortable and has a high handle bar (or slightly swept back) to help the comfort level as he doesn't want to be leaning over too far.

Does anyone have any good recommendations?


  • I'm 43 and find the Boardman hybrid comp to be perfectly comfortable, as well as being an excellent bike (for the money) with decent disk brakes.
  • thanks but i was looking for something more budget
  • You could always get a used one on ebay - I've seen them going for about £350, some of them with <20 miles usage, as they are quite popular due to the cycle to work scheme, which some people find is harder work than they thought :lol:
  • Boardman Hybrid Comp.