Can't ride for 3 months - advice please

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Up until a month ago I was in the best shape of my life and cycling more than I've ever done. I was all ready to take part in La Marmotte but unfortunately crashed while mountain biking in Morzine just 4 days before the event.

I spent 3 weeks in a French hospital due to internal injuries to the liver and right kidney. I was advised not to exercise for 3 months but swimming was OK. I asked about using a turbo trainer and was told this was fine too - essentially no exercise that could lead to any knocks to the body.

I was doing 2 or 3 turbo sessions per week since the start of the year - mostly 2x20. Can anyone advise how best to maintain my fitness over the next 3 months using a variety of sessions? Obviously my long distance endurance is going to suffer - I was doing weekend rides of about 5 hours and don't have the will power to replicate that on a turbo!



  • You're going to be really affected in 3 months, especially if you don't keep up a good and healthy diet. Get a bunch of proteins and carbs every day, avoid getting sick and keep on exercising. Do that and you won't lose ALL your abilities.