Planet X - absolutely useless service

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I've just got off the phone for the 4th time and am pretty :twisted:

On the 11th of this month I placed an order for some fairly basic items, some inner tubes, and a variety of socks for myself and as a gift, and a lip stick. All showing as in stock.

Birthday gift required for Sat 20th.

On the Thursday before this I phoned as still showing as not dispatched. Turns out the lip stick is out of stock so I swap the flavour and am assured that it will go in the post, to be with me by Sat.


Still showing as not dispatched on Monday so phone again. Delivery now upgraded to DPD!

Still showing as not dispatched on Wednesday so phone again. Promised that the guy will personally follow this through, definately be with me by Friday.

Still not showing as dispatched today, so the guy said he wasnt sure why it hadn't been dispatched.

I'm off to the Alpes tomorrow so an now minus spare tubes, some decent socks and a birthday gift. Heading off to Halfrauds to resolve this at the cost my £££s, time and the quality of what I buy.

I struggle to comprehend how in todays world I have to phone 4 times for something to still not have been dispatched.

I'll never use them again, stick to CRC or Wiggle who are always faultless.


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    Milese wrote:
    I'll never use them again, stick to CRC or Wiggle who are always faultless.

    Until the time it happens to not work with them and you have a rant about those two and then tell everyone you will never use them again and only in future use Ribble etc etc etc. Eventually you'll run out of suppliers.

    Sometimes things just foul up. No need to chuck the toys out of the pram because of it.
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  • milese
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    I think I took the first 3 failures quite well.

    4 times is frankly unacceptable.

    I have to admit I previously thought they were pretty decent, but personal experience counts for a lot.
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    That is frustrating but in my experience PX deliver next day 9 times out of 10 and their prices are great.

    p.s. they sell socks and inner tubes in France
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    Been great in my experience with them. Even happy to price match when I have called in the past.
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    Been a customer for over ten years, everything from full bikes (Kaffenbach, Pro Carbon, On One 456) Wheels , Components and Clothing. And can honestly say have always got best price and best service .

    Don't judge them on one order, everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Planet X are genuinely one of the good Guys.
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    I've used them twice and both times they have been 100%

    I work in mail order myself and sometimes even I get an order wrong
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    Found PX to be fine but with all these companies it comes down to what happens if you have a warranty on an expensive item.

    imho with those sort of goods you should be using your lbs, the savings are marginal.
  • It's not like its their busiest time of the year or anything
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    I think the OP has a point. Yes, everyone can stuff up an order but that isn't really the issue. It's bad enough having to phone and ask where your stuff is, but to have to do it several times over a period of more than 2 weeks is rubbish service. Being busy is no excuse
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    Last time, I used Planet X (this summer) I wanted a Pro Carbon SL Road frameset in Guru Blue.

    Checking on line it showed stock. Anxious to go and get said item without Mrs W rumbling I was yet again spending more money on bike bits, I decided to head up to Magna show room and warehouse in person and collect, on a Saturday (Very Busy)

    What I didn't do was phone ahead and check they had stock in situ, (It was actually in the bonded warehouse in Barnsley and would take at least 24 hours to transfer)

    I was initially very annoyed for what in fairness was my mistake. Planet X staff on probably one of their busiest days ended up Fitting my headset for free/ and supplying a Seatpost/ Stem and Headset F.O.C to a Fineline frame instead (Effectively nearly £100 worth of kit for what was my error.

    You cant really fault service like that.
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    So the OP spent minimal money and expects to be treated like he bought a Rolls Royce?
    Sorry to say, but the world doesn't work that way.
    To top things off maybe, just maybe he got a little pushy or wordy with them and they did like any resturant(so to speak) would do. They spit in his food(comparitively speaking).
    Possibly the first reply said it best " with it".
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    I think their service has improved, used to take up to a week to get items delivered, near enough next day now.