Problem with handle bars / stem

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Hi Guys, I have a problem with the steering on my bike when the wheel is lined up straight everything is fine but if i try to turn left or right i feel like there is some resistance to turning (feel like jumps/bumping when i turn any direction).
I have loosened everything up on the handle bars the top cap with a 5 mm key and loosened the two bolts at the bottom of the stem. Hoping this is the end of the problem. It seems ok at the moment but i was wondering how tight i need re assemble the parts.

Has anyone encountered problems with steering.


many thanks


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    It sounds like your issue may be worn bearings. However, if I understand correctly what you have done to mitigate it, you may have made your bike unsafe to ride.
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    as said above, you've possibly made the bike dangerous to ride, either learn to sort it yourself, or take it to your lbs before you ride it again.

    sounds like you need new headset bearings, so the lbs would sort that for you anyway.
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    Ill drop it in the LBS Ive got a second opinion and worn bearings seems to be a good shout.

    cheers guys