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OT: Any graphic designers here?

jonny_trousersjonny_trousers Posts: 3,588
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My wife and I have a little website project being created and it's looking a lot like our web guy is more of a coder than a designer (that's perhaps a little unfair, but he clearly does not share our sense of style). With that in mind we could do with finding someone to create a stylish, standout version of the website name to use as a brand logo. There are also a few other bits and pieces I could do with help creating, but more about that when we talk.

Obviously I'm expecting to pay for the service, but as it's only a little side project right now, funds are far from unlimited.

Anyone interested do please drop me a PM and we can talk more (if you have links to your work then that would be great).



  • dhopedhope Posts: 6,699
    Just checking availability of someone and will PM you
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  • mhdesignmhdesign Posts: 1
    Hi Jon,

    The site wont let me PM for some reason (probably because Im a new member) but Im a self employed graphic designer, happy to look at any kind of creative and marketing materials. My site is mainly corporate work on there but I do a lot of branding and logo design.

  • tetmtetm Posts: 564
    JT, try my chum Pablo at if you're still after someone.
  • jonny_trousersjonny_trousers Posts: 3,588
    Thanks guys!

    Not ruling anything out, but the work displayed on both sites looks much more 'corporate' than we were after. We're looking for sophisticated-sexy-cool :)
  • _Jon__Jon_ Posts: 366
    My sister does graphics / logo design which sounds like the type of thing you're after. Here is her website-
  • jonny_trousersjonny_trousers Posts: 3,588
    _Jon_ wrote:
    My sister does graphics / logo design which sounds like the type of thing you're after. Here is her website-

    Thanks Jon, but I'm not sure Katy's stuff - lovely though it is - is the kind of thing we're after.
  • verminvermin Posts: 1,739
    you have pm
  • jomojjomoj Posts: 777
    Hi Johnny, just a couple of bits of advice from a designers persepective

    the best thing you can do to help people judge what it is you're after is to give some examples of other logos and branding you like that are in a similar vein, words like 'sexy' and 'cool' are very subjective and somewhat meaningless.

    You mentioned that you want something you can use as a title and a logo. Consider where else you might want to use the logo for example in print on paper and or clothing, embroidered, stencilled, moulded, 3D and so on. A good logo will work in just black and white, if it relies on lots of colours or shading then it can cause headaches if you want to apply it in simpler forms.

    If this is a commercial venture make sure that any fonts the designer uses are royalty free or have been paid for and approved for use in logos. You could potentially face claims if you use typefaces that you do not have rights to.

    good luck

  • kelsenkelsen Posts: 2,003
    ...sophisticated-sexy-cool :)
    jomoj wrote:
  • Mr_RibbleMr_Ribble Posts: 1,055

    My name is Mr Ribble and designing is my forte. Please check out some of my logos I have designed below. I can make you exactly what you need. Thanks

  • jonny_trousersjonny_trousers Posts: 3,588
    Thanks all (especially Mr Ribble)!
  • cyclingpropcyclingprop Posts: 2,426
    Tears of childish laughter. RIBBLE!
    What do you mean you think 64cm is a big frame?
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