What shoes are compatible with my cleats?

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Hi all, this is my first post!

I have done a fair bit of casual mountain biking over the years, and cycling on the road (albeit on a MTB) but I'm a newby to the world of "proper" road cycling and clipless pedals.

I have bought a second-hand Raleigh road bike which is fitted with SPD-PDM535 pedals. I have researched this and found that they are an older MTB pedal, and that they will fit Shimano SH56 cleats (which I can get for £8) - my question is how do I know what cycling shoes will fit these cleats? If anyone knows, any suggestions? Seen some MuddyFox on Sports Direct but not sure about their quality... ideally want something affordable, not necessarily high-performance, that will last!

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    Those cleats are a two bolt cleat so you need a shoe with two holes, road specific shoes are generally for a 3 bolt SPD SL type cleat but you can use your cleats on these shoes too so pretty much any shoe would be compatible for you.
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    Arran is dead right, most shoes will fit. Take a look at the specialized and shimano shoes in Evans or similar. Nothing wrong with the Muddy Fox shoe as an entry level shoe but the sole isnt very stiff. Try quite a few pairs and go for what fits best, its worth spending a little more if you can to get something that feels right.
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    Brilliant guys, thanks a lot for your responses! :)
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    I personally don't like buying any shoes without trying them on first, so online shoe buying isn't for me. If you're thinking about the muddyfox shoes from sports direct I particularly recommend you try them on first, I tried them in the shop and they felt awful - I didn't even get as far as fastening them up before I knew I wasn't going to be buying them. I'm sure they must sell them to some people, so some must not agree with me, and therefore they might be fine for you, but they were certainly not for me.
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