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pivot on orange alpine

goytregritgoytregrit Posts: 80
edited July 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Anyone had pivot play but not bearing related. Got a 2011 alpine, with thru axle pivot. All is not right at moment. Have had vibration in swingarm so decided not to mess around and just replaced the bearings with SKF standard. Have done before several times. Pressed the bearings in with a tool and they seam all seated in fine. Assembled and tightened bolts, all seems fine, no play or issues with up dowen movement. Ride it and its not right, feels like when bolts are undone and is clunky over rough ground. Done loads of other checks so I knoiwe its the pivot. Took to bike shop, don't think they rode it beforehand to see what I had described as wrong so they just took out axle, cleaned insdpoected and refitted axle possibly marginally more central in bearing than I hasd done so. Said they thought all was fine, no damage to axle or anything, bearings all good etc. I roide it and its not, slightly better than it was though. Spoke with Orange, they asked me for a few check measurements, so I had to take axke back out.
When I have reassembled, the issue is there, and its now more noticeable than when the shop assembled, about the same as it was when I took it in. I've done my calculations:
Bearings are 9mm wide
Washers are 2.25
I've added the frame width to above and deducted the axle length and there is a 1.13mm variance which my hope is can be taken up by extra thickness in the washers. I am hopeful orange can help me on this and I will speak to them soon, maybe order a new thru axle etc.
Wondering whether anyone got a bit more knowledge on this type of thing and is the problem an occurrence of wear and tear to the washer or otherwise.


  • YeehaaMcgeeYeehaaMcgee Posts: 5,740
    Excuse my ignorance, but I've never stripped down an Orange. Does the axle pass through the frame in a channel? Maybe the axle or the channel has worn out, imperceptibly when just inspecting the axle, but when you ad in the torque loading of the swingarm, that may be your problem.
    Is the axle a loose (easy?) fit n the frame?
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