weeks holiday got 100miles planned

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hi lads next week i have a weeks holiday from work i wanna try and do a 100 miles on my road bike the furthest i been before is 63 miles and i still had a bit in the tank if u know what i mean do u think its possible?? and what sort off food do i need to take for that lads????cheers in advance


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    Of course its doable. I rode 104 on Saturday on a bowl of granola and 6 fig rolls.
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    a bowl off granola and 6 fig rolls fuck me thats hardcore lol
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    Whufcrule wrote:
    a bowl off granola and 6 fig rolls fark me thats hardcore lol

    I was a wimp and had alpen and beans / scrambled egg on toast to do 120 miles. Just alpen on a hilly 75 other than a coffee the day before though.

    Seriously though - if you have done 65 and you look after yourself properly then 80 to 100 should be do-able. Fuel and hydrate yourself properly the day before, decent breakfast to top yourself up on the day and have a decent food stop just after half way. Keep hydrated importantly - that'll stop you faster than a lack of food if you get dehydrated. Go for it - maybe try an 80 earlier in the week.
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    cheers for the advice ill take it all on board and hopefully crack it
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    Calpol wrote:
    Of course its doable. I rode 104 on Saturday on a bowl of granola and 6 fig rolls.

    I would have thought riding on a bike would've been easier :P
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    100 miles itself isn't hard, just takes a long time (and for me is boring but for sure it's something to tick-off on your cycling bucket list). The only things that would really stop you (other than a crash...) would be not eating/drinking enough and bonking or going too hard early on and cramping.

    Anything else and it's just a case of mental strength really, I go through a dark patch usually between 70-90 miles, I start to dwell on all the little aches I'm getting and can only think of finishing to get it over and done with :p I enjoy the whole finishing/sense of achievement part but for me 60-70 mile rides are much more enjoyable as they aren't day-long affairs and I'm more prepared to push myself on hills without worrying I'll pay for it later.
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    Set off early to miss a load of traffic.
    As above mentally it's a killer. Try and go with a few friends you will all pull yourselfs along.
    And it's someone to talk to. Makes a huge difference.
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    You could join the fella who's planning to cycle to York. Reckon he'd enjoy the company.
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    Yeah - I did 82 miles a few weeks ago (longest before was 78 last year) and got through the last 20 miles by focussing on the fact that there wasnt far left to go. Funny thing is that when I finished I felt I could do another 20, but I think if I still had 40 to do when I reached the 60 mile point, mentally that would have been hard.]

    I think the hardest miles are probably between 60 and 80, so might be worth having something nicer to eat or a cafe/bakery stop or a cheeky pint in mind to give you a boost through that bit if you are struggling. Others would say dont stop for anything but I find something like this reinvigorates me.
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    Hardest miles for me doing 100 is around the 80 mile mark, but when I did 144 passing through 100 seemed a lot easier. Must all be in the mind.
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