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RockGuardZ carbon fibre frame protector

dodgykneesdodgyknees Posts: 144
edited July 2013 in MTB general
I got one of these for my Trek Fuel EX8 from an ebay trader but it's clearly not going to fit. Anyone else experienced issues with these guards?

I'm querying the item I was sent with the trader but wondered if anyone had successfully fitted one of these.

That lower part of my frame has taken a bit of a beating over time so this guard would offer useful protection if they actually fit properly.


  • robertzeerobertzee Posts: 21
    Yeah, I bought one too last year. Again for a Trek EX8. I didn't know whether it was a one off or that his original mould did not take but I had the same problem. There was a gap no matter how I tried to adjust it by sliding and I was afraid grit would find its way down and have an adverse effect by scratching the frame.
    I got in touch with the seller and to his credit gave me a full refund. Maybe other frames don't have this issue.
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  • duskdusk Posts: 583
    Mine wasn't completely flush but I can't imagine they would be, they're designed to stop rock strikes not grit
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