How many Sportives have you done this year?

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Im on 8 so far


Would probably rate Aberystwyth sportive the best one yet


  • Gizmodo
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    Zero. The only one I plan to ride this year is Ride London-Surry 100 in August. I prefer riding with a club.
  • peat
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    Nice trackie bottoms.

    I've done one, ever, that was earlier this year. (Quattro)

    I have one this weekend and RideLondon next, but i don't currently feel inclined to do any others.

    It's alot of bother and the way some people take them so seriously really takes the pleasure out of it for me. (based on one sportive, so could change)
  • rolf_f
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    Zero. I used to do a few but I've done most of those in my part of the country now and don't see much point repeating them. Ride with the club mostly now.

    Hmmm - 8 so far. How much were the entry fees for that lot? An expensive way to cycle! :lol:
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  • GiantMike
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    Gizmodo wrote:
    Zero. The only one I plan to ride this year is Ride London-Surry 100 in August. I prefer riding with a club.

    Same. Same. Same.
  • ianbar
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    1 so far for various reasons missed another 2 that I was meant to do. The one I did was last Saturday and it was fab plus the 3rd year I had done it.i have another in the pipeline in September. Next year if possible would like to do etape de pennies or etape de dales etc bigger evens like that.
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  • ju5t1n
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    3 sportives
    Lots of club runs
    2 reliability rides
    8 time trials
    22 road races

    My next event is Ride London
  • Mikey23
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    Sadly only one plus an audax... Had a few booked but injury means I won't be riding for a while
  • ednino wrote:
    Im on 8 so far


    Would probably rate Aberystwyth sportive the best one yet

    Do you have a chest big enough to pin all those on?
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  • Mikey41
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    I've done 3 Evans ones, then I went on a social ride around Arran with 11 others and enjoyed that much more.

    The Sportives were good, but I don't see myself doing more than 3 - 4 each year now.
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  • Gazspurs
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    12 but I dont pay for any of them! Just download the route map on my GPS & ride them for free

    *collects fishing rod*
  • Bozman
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    A big fat zero, I live in Derbyshire with dozens of cracking routes so why should I pay someone to tell me where to go, plus they look far too busy for my liking..... Moaning old to55er!
  • marcusjb
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    1 Reliability Trial
    1 Time Trial
    15 Audax rides of 200km and above
    Far, far too many laps of Richmond Park

    I wanted to do a sportive or 2, but haven't managed to find a free weekend this year.

    Been a great year so far. LEL next up.
  • thegreatdivide
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    The only good sportive is a closed road sportive so that'll be one so far and one next month.
  • thefd
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    the 9038 & 9039 are they the same sportive or different ones? Looks like the same sportive.
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  • simonhead
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    2 So far L2B and The Farnham one. Really enjoyed Farnham.
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  • arran77
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    Just the Farnham Charity Bike Ride for me, there's still loads of stuff locally that I've not done so would rather spend the money on bike bits and explore for myself.
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  • Grill
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    Zero sportives. Many TTs and Audaxes. I plan on keeping it that way.
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  • TheSmithers
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    One so far, the Meon Valley Riser earlier this year. Doing the New Forest Rattler on 18th August. Will be my first and well overdue century ride. That's it!

    I'm more than happy solo riding, with friends or club runs. Going to start TT'ing next year. I think two sportives a year is plenty for me.
  • ednino
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    TheFD wrote:
    the 9038 & 9039 are they the same sportive or different ones? Looks like the same sportive.

    Same organiser, different event
  • Cleat Eastwood
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    Ha ha brilliant - I'm on 5 at the mo with 3 more planned up to october :D
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  • Wiggle No Excuses - Huntingdon. Never been to this part of the world before and really enjoyed the route. Also this was my first ever Sportive.

    French Revolution - A great laugh and a chance to ride on the other side of the road ! :D

    New Forest/Isle Of Wight - Amazing scenery and what a fantastic day that was, loved it.


    Evans Ride It - Liphook 90 miler

    Etape Cymru to finish the season nicely !
  • markhewitt1978
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    Two so far this year Evans ones in Leeds and Langholm

    Coming up there is:
    Wiggle Northern Angel (Ponteland)
    Great North Bike Ride (Seahouses-Tynemouth)
    Durham Big Ride (25 miles half on gravel)
    Durham Big Ride - The Beast. (50 miles, on road hily route)
  • napoleond
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    None. Ridden less than 1000 miles this year due to work and illness. That's less than a normal month!!
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  • gethinceri
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    3: Devil's Challenge, Wye Valley Warrior, Iron Mountain.
    Aiming for deff 1, maybe 2 more in South Wales this year.
    I enjoy the "event" as a different experience to the weekly club runs I also do.
  • ednino
    ednino Posts: 684

    Etape Cymru to finish the season nicely !

    I like the look of this too!
  • keef66
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    My first ever was in April (still patches of ice in places :shock: ) Seemed to spend the whole day being overtaken, apart from the 8 mile stretch where I'd wandered off the route. A bit different from my usual solo riding, but not sure I enjoyed it enough to justify the entry fee.

    Been persuaded by a colleague to do another on 4th August, but he's 10 years younger than me so I suspect the last time I'll see him will be the start line... It may well be my last one.
  • The_Yeti_
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    I have got my first one tomorrow! Its the Wiggle Mega Meon and I am really looking forward to it! :D

    Any other organised rides that I have done have been charity events

    I wimped out and went for the easy 55 mile option but hopefully I will be ale to tackle some of the longer ones when I get a few more miles on my bike!
  • Brian B
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    Only 1 so far - Etape du Dales which was great.

    Used to do at least 10 a year for the 8 years or so but fed up now with the money I spend for entry, B&B's and fuel and then being caught out with the weather. I know I should MTFU and get on with it as I used to do but for me I like taking part in sportives not just for the fun but also to ride in different area's and take in the scenery.

    I have done most of the big sportives in Wales, Mid & North England and Scotland and therefore built up a lot of local road knowledge throughout the land.

    I have only participated in one sportive but have done at least 20 sportives style runs on my own with mileage varying from 100-175 miles. That way I pick the days when the weather is good and enjoy myself more. I often go away from home and stay overnight and ride sportive routes on my own now and enjoy the solitary ride feeling.

    Will be riding a few more sportives this year though but will pick one's I have not done.
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  • Hampshire Hilly Hundred
    Couple of Audaxes (Poor Student and Watership Down)
    Wiggle Long One
    Wiggle Wight Ferry thingy
    + 2 or 3 more but have forgotten which they were!

    Got Etape Cymru next which - as has been pointed out by others - is the best sort as it's closed roads.

    Won't be doing Dragon again, as it was just tooooo busy. Aim is for more audaxes this Audax season coming up...
  • Only done 1 this year; Cheshire Cat. Quite enjoyed it, especially as a dozen of us from my club rode it together. Got a few "its not a race" comments form some guys plodding along at 15mph, but hey, each to his/her own.