Bent RD hanger or jockey wheel?

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On the way home last night the chain jammed in the RD of my 80's Viking Vision. I took the chain off and fitted it again, but it's not running through the lower jockey wheel smoothly now:


Have I bent the Derailleur hanger? Or the lower jockey wheel> The clunking noise in the video seems to be from the lower wheel. The teeth seem to hitting the outside of each chain link, and then jumping back in again.


  • Wirral_paul
    Wirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    That cage looks like it is bent - especially the inner plate. Do the two jockey wheels line up perfectly with each other??
  • No they look like they're a bit out of alignment?
  • So is this a mechanic job, or a brute force and ignorance job to try and align it myself?
  • keef66
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    As a matter of personal pride I'd be trying the brute force and ignorance option first.

    And keep in mind that the mech hanger might be bent as well...
  • Wirral_paul
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    Brute force with two adjustable spanners across the jockey wheel pivot points to line them back up should held. I'd unbolt the mech from the hanger first though - as if the hanger isnt bent already, it may get bent when you straighten the mech. Little bit at a time with the bending - and worth covering the aluminium with some tape of a cloth to help prevent marks from the spanners.
  • OK cheers, I'll have a go. I've half a mind to convert this to SS, so if I mess it up I'll have a back up option!