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SB66 owners - what's the craic?

davenewcastle1973davenewcastle1973 Posts: 146
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I am currently the proud owner and sometime rider of an 07 Yeti 575 which I love more than is right, however she's getting on a bit and needs to be replaced...

I have managed to cajole the wife into agreeing to a new frame ( because of course all the old bits will fit on the new frame, or at the very least will be the same colour..) so I set off to the lakes a couple of weeks ago to test out the SB66 and the SB95.

The SB95 was not for me, it felt cramped and yet still managed to get in the way, however the SB66 was unbelievable. It was quicker up the hills, although to be fair I rode it first, and down the hills scared the bejesus out of me - it wouldn't stay on the ground, it popped up over every wee kicker and took corners like a sticky wee barsteward. I left Whinlatter grinning like a bumbling fool.

However. Since then I have read a lot of forums/reviews that are not so complementary - bearings failing quickly, frames snapping etc. I will only be able to afford a used frame so warranty is not valid.

What are your actual experiences?

Ragley mmmBop
Yeti 575
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