5700 sti compatible with existing front mech?

davecara Posts: 104
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I'm currently junking the worn our sora triple stuff and have a mix of ultegra and 105 compact to fit. Only have my existing 2008 (ish) sora triple front mech though.
How much of a pita is it going to be to set up? I know a new 105 mech is only about £30 but I'm skinny until the end of the month and I wanna go out this weekend!


  • jonnym5
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    Most triples have a lower rear cage for use on the small ring and different cage shape for shifting on a triple chainset.

    All you can do is try it and see how it shifts up and down as it may well work but not be within the usual spec.

    I'd try it first personally.
  • davecara
    davecara Posts: 104
    Just got a 5700 mech for £16 that WILL work. Cant really afford it but it'll stop endless hours faffing!!